Did you know that on average it takes only 12 seconds for a healthcare provider to interrupt their client/patient during the initial consultation. [1]

How on earth do we expect to come to the root of the issue and enable our clients to feel understood and heard if the majority of healthcare providers do this?

At MVMT Sports Chiropractic, we ensure that in the initial consultation, you the client are our number one priority.

You’ll often hear us say “Tell us your story”. Everyone has a story to tell and we have found over the years that no textbook can ever teach you how to treat a person, only the person themselves can tell you that.

It is only once you have finished telling us your story that we then begin to ask some questions – often purely to fill some of the gaps in.

This approach ensures that we can provide our clients with a better evaluation, examination and treatment; leading to a better result for you.

It’s time for other healthcare providers to:

  • Stop interrupting your clients, avoiding eye contact, not believing your clients and lecturing

  • Listen to your clients. Believe it or not, they may actually know more about their pain than you do

  • Do prioritise their goals and not yours.