MVMT Sports Chiropractic Offers Back Pain Therapy To Ease Your Troubles

 Did you know that around 16% of the entire Australian population suffers from back pain? The sad part is that many people feel hopeless and are unaware that skilled chiropractors like us at MVMT Sports Chiropractic provide several forms of back pain therapy. 

Back pain is our specialty. We combine our expertise, years of experience, and passion for people with sophisticated treatment methods to bring you maximum relief. 

Acute & Chronic Spinal Pain 

Acute spinal pain is sudden, severe pain that may have resulted from an accident or injury and necessitates immediate attention. If you have tried regular painkillers and the pain persists, it’s time to see a professional chiropractor who will recommend massage and fascial manipulation, cupping, dry needling, or other therapies. 

Chronic spinal pain is pain that is ongoing and is usually a result of a health condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. This pain can also be treated at our specialist clinic. We assess the relationship of the back and neck to the arm and legs and see how they interact with each other rather than focusing solely on the back, which gives you better results.

Simple to Complex: We Treat All Conditions 

At MVMT Sports Chiropractic, no problem is too small or too big for us. While other clinics might turn away complex issues, we offer comprehensive back pain therapy to treat simple to complex problems for our clients’ well-being. 

We take on complex cases with confidence and determination, drawing on our competency and experience in laser therapy, dry needling and fascial manipulation because your recovery is our priority. We can also provide spinal stenosis treatment and disc bulge treatment.

Get Back to Doing What You Love

You’ll find that our main goal at MVMT Sports Chiropractic is to ease you towards better, healthier mobility and functioning with non-surgical, drug-free methods. We love being able to help everyone, from sports professionals to regular parents or grandparents, resume daily activities like playing with the kids, carrying out work tasks, or winning races. 

We use extensive movement programming and simple exercises as part of our back pain therapy to create long-term change so you won’t have to live with back pain anymore.

Call 0421 151 778 or book an appointment online so we can discuss your pain-free future. It’s time to say goodbye to back pain for good, and we want to show you how.