You may have heard people around you talk about whiplash, but if you haven’t actually experienced it, you may be uncertain about how to identify it. Suppose you are feeling intense pain and stiffness in your neck area after a violent and sudden movement, such as a car accident or sporting accident. In that case, it’s very possible that you may have a whiplash injury. 

In this article, we highlight the symptoms you need to be aware of and advise when to seek whiplash treatment from a chiropractor.

Symptoms of Whiplash

If you’re wondering what exactly whiplash is and how serious it is, the answer is that it is typically identified as severe pain and immobility in the neck caused by sudden movement. The good news is that whiplash injury treatments are available from chiropractic specialists, no matter how mild or serious they may be. 

Whiplash is caused by hyperextension of the cervical and upper thoracic spines, which can lead to muscle tension, sometimes lasting for weeks or even months. Common symptoms of a whiplash injury are intense pain and stiffness in the neck that worsen over time, restricted head movement, vertigo, headaches, and sometimes weakness in the arms, hands and fingers. 

When to Get Professional Help

People who have suffered car accidents, workplace accidents, or sports injuries that led to a sudden movement of the head are prime candidates for whiplash. If you have been in a similar situation, be aware of tenderness or stiffness in the neck area. 

In some cases, it can desist with rest over a short period of time, but if this pain is excruciating, does not go away with regular painkillers and appears to worsen over time, it’s time to seek whiplash treatment. Medical attention is also necessary if you experience excessive fatigue, numbness or tingling and blurred vision.

Professional chiropractic specialists like MVMT Sports Chiropractic in NSW will work gently with you for accurate diagnosis, neurological and functional assessments, and healing towards pain-free, improved mobility. Whiplash treatment options can vary from massage to dry-needling and joint manipulation and may involve a CT scan, X-ray or MRI, depending on the extent of the injury.

Think you have whiplash? MVMT Sports Chiropractic is qualified and experienced in whiplash injury treatment and we are SIRA accredited for workers’ compensation or CTP claims. Book an appointment online or call 0421 151 778 today to start your journey to healing.